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Easter is just around the corner, join the happy family of Zec Dobrivoj, his wife Nadica and their children on a mission to collect gifts for children. You know very well that Zec Dobrivoje is a proud father.
His son, Vojkan, is no ordinary rabbit. He is a warrior with a big heart, who bravely fights against all the pests that could threaten the children’s happiness.
There is also Vesela, a cheerful and smiling little girl with dexterous paws, ready to cheer up every child with her magical smile and tireless energy. All this, Nadica says, she inherited from her. And of course, we must not forget Vidak, the sharp-eyed guardian of all carrots, who will carefully guard all the gifts until they reach the hands of the children who eagerly await them.
So, dear people, join Zec Dobrivoj and give an Easter package, and our hard-working rabbits will reward you with a four-leaf clover.
The action lasts from the day of publication until April 25, 2024!

Link: Uskrs sa Dobrivojem praznik ljubavi, radosti i nade |