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This weekend we have a humanitarian party for the first time with our two friends Dragana Minić Stefanović – better known as Bababloga and Sanja Vučić – Chemajka. As part of their “Humanisam and ReneŠansa” project, they are organizing the first humanitarian party on  Raft25th.
But this is no classic party.
All contributions from the party will go to support children suffering from cancer who are being treated at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia!
There will be music, good entertainment, lots of balloons and flowers, lots of exhibitors who want to support this event with their products and lots of wonderful people who will make May 25 shine golden. At the party, you will be able to meet our wonderful young people who represent the Survivors of Serbia-Kosači Raka !
The number of places is limited. So hurry up and get your ticket.

How to get tickets?
It’s simple – send 2 SMS messages (200 RSD) with the text “Humanism and ReneŠansa” to 7175, and send proof of payment to the email: to ensure that your name will be on the list.
See you on April 7 from 5 pm!

More about the Humanism and ReneŠansa event  (